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Petition For Justice for William B. Brock
May 10th, 2016

Lord, we cry out to you from our historical woundedness;

In Jesus name we pray.

Look upon our brokenness & renew our strength today.

Brutality and murder has been Your people’s fate,

Who were stolen from Mother Afrika for greed, exploitation & hate.

In all the thousandsof years, so much wrong has been done

And we know that these atrocities culminated in the

Cruxificion (sic) of Your Son, yet You encourage us to believe

That our struggle for justice can be won.

We lay before your throne yet another atrocity,

the fateful, unexplained death of our Brother Executive Administrator, William B.

that has devastated his entire family, as well as our community, psychosocially.

Lord, we know there have been so many gross wrongs done,

But in Your loving mercy now we ask, please focus on this one.

We plead with You for justice, for our suffering huemanity,

As you uncover the blood on those hands that murdered our Brother

William B.

Disperse the coverup, deception and aversion, and share with us the key

that will finally reveal the wrongs done so systematically. We know nothing

can be hidden from Your all seeing Eye that our Faith has taught us on it, Your people

can rely.

Jean Wilkins Dember, M.H.S.

Afrikans United for Sanity Now!

25 Years of Free Community Mental Conferences