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To The Honorable _________________________

In 1983 Mr. William Bryant Brock was the Most Prominent Minority Executive employed at the Volkswagen of America, Inc. plant in New Stanton, Pa. Mr. Brock’s death was inexplicably ruled a suicide by The Washington County Coroner’s office of Pennsylvania and other authorities despite an overwhelming preponderance of obvious evidence to the contrary. Mr. Brock was coincidently murdered only a few hours after joining a $70 Million Dollar Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit against the automaker, wherein Mr. Brock himself possessed the bulk of the damaging information. Most importantly, the lawsuit expired upon Mr. Brock's demise.

He was recruited by Volkswagen specifically as The Equal Opportunity Coordinator. Mr. Brock was accredited for creating a 10% minority representation on the VW workforce, bringing a screeching halt to public outcries and demonstrations against the former Volkswagen plant located in New Stanton, Pa., by
the press, the black community and government agencies. Numerous media reports, including the New York Times, reported that Mr. Brock committed "suicide,” however, all of these reports failed to mention the fact that Mr. Brock was left handed, shot in the back of the right side of his head with a 38 pistol with an 8' inch barrel or the fact that the bullet entered just above his right ear in the back of his head and exited the top of his head, a shot physically impossible to make by a LEFT HANDED man.

The alleged suicide note found near Mr. Brock's body, was later analyzed by the same expert that analyzed the Zodiac Killer’s hand writing and found to be forged; nationally known and renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht was consulted to determine common methods of suicide via gunshot, he advised that “Men tend to shoot themselves in the mouth, under the chin or in the temple; women typically tend to shoot themselves in the heart, because they want an open casket funeral.” He was then asked has he ever dealt with a suicide wherein, a left handed man shot himself in the back of the right side of his head. Dr. Wecht emphatically declared “No.” Dr. Wecht then catechized to determine the status of Mr. Brock’s inquest. It was explained that there was no coroner’s inquest performed on Mr. Brock, there was a report, but no inquest. Dr. Wecht said “that sounds like foul play.” Evidence in this case strongly
indicated that Mr. Brock was murdered and great efforts are continually being taken to cover it up. For further details please visit: Please REMEMBER that every blue word on this website is a hyperlink.

We are seeking to restore Mr. Brock's name. He was an admirable, productive member of society. In addition he was a man who made significant contributions to the populace and the position he was recruited to percolate by Volkswagen of America, Inc. We’re requesting your direct assistance in the
process of involving the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the heinous facts associated with the complicity of the murder and cover-up with the specific purpose of correcting and relabeling Mr. Brock’s death certificate to reflect homicide rather than suicide. Additionally please visit the (Our Supporter’s) page of the website to see the plethora of your constituents who have sent letters on Mr. Brock’s behalf supporting our efforts to get justice for Mr. William B. Brock.

Thank you.

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